The Diary of a First Time Mum Part 6

Then, my pregnancy started to get really interesting.

Not content with morning sickness, stretching, putting on weight and generally feeling a bit nackered, my body decided it wanted to act without my permission.

Seven weeks into pregnancy, I had a seizure.

What happened? I have no idea. What did it feel like? No clue.

I jumped in and out of consciousness in an ambulance and then a hospital.

What I know of the three (!) paramedics who attended; they were absolutely brilliant.

I can’t even remember where I came to properly. I remember a paramedic telling someone my details and that I had had a seizure. I’m so glad I had at least some presence of mind and didn’t say what I was thinking.

“No I didn’t.”

For once in my life, I shut up. And threw up. Alot.

When my husband called 999, he had told them I was pregnant and apparently a paramedic car was there within minutes. Closely followed by an ambulance that had been called off another job to come to us.

Those guys do such an amazing job.

I remember being in A&E with my husband beside me and the doctor asking me to give him a urine sample.

No bother, said I. My bladder, at least, had managed to behave during the seizure.

Off I went (not easy with a canular in your hand!) and then off he went with the wee bottle.

The doc came back and stated that I was pregnant.

This is definitely not the best way to get confirmation.

It was stupid o’clock so I was admitted overnight and let out early the next day. My husband, however, had to find his way out of the night exit and home without a car or a wallet.

Clearly, my subconscious decided it wasn’t getting enough attention…


The Diary of a First Time Mum Part 2

Its a strange feeling when you find out that you are pregnant. And I don’t mean whether the baby was planned or not; that is a very different issue that I am not going to tackle.

I mean when you do the test and the initial celebrations (in our case) are over. You maybe do another test a few days later; just to be sure. But, yep, you are pregnant.

Now what?

Its odd- you know that your lives are going to change forever. You know that in less than a year, your world will be turned upside down. And possibly right way up again.

But you don’t feel any different.

I didn’t feel any different within myself. There was a baby in there? Really?

Its odd, eerie and altogether strange. And you know what? I don’t think there is anything wrong with that.

Maybe it is God’s way of letting you get used to things before it all goes a bit crazy.

I didn’t feel any different.

Then the morning sickness came. And the stomach. And the stretch marks. And the tiredness.

It is such a special time.