The Diary of a First Time Mum Part 5

“You’ve got such a glow about you!”

“You look great.”

“You look so slim!”

“You’re doing really well.”


Its all lies. I thought you should know.

I certainly didn’t feel glowing. Bloated and a bit sweaty maybe. But not like a gentle star winking in the night.

What does that even mean anyway? “Glowing”? What a load of nonsense.

I think the character of Phoebe from the American comedy Friends got it spot on with her response to the ‘pregnant lady glow’ when she said:

“That’s sweat. You throw up all morning, you will be glowing too.”

Absolutely spot on.

I may have been providing an Oscar winning performance when they said I was looking great. I certainly didn’t feel like it. But when someone asks how you are, you have to say “fine, thanks” don’t you?

Can you imagine if you were honest with everyone who asked? Crumbs, you would be too busy talking to get anything done.

Of course I’m going to tell you that I am doing great. Because we can’t be seen to be weak now, can we?

Isn’t it funny how pregnant ladies are treated like china plates in relation to work and such things; but admitting that things might be a bit trying is a different issue altogether.

And that goes far around and beyond pregnancy.

“Oh, look at the size of you!”

Is that supposed to be helpful?? Unless you find comfort in the assurance that you didn’t actually throw up your entire body weight that morning.

Morning sickness doesn’t necessary keep itself in the a.m.’s either.


Its all lies.


The Diary of a First Time Mum Part 2

Its a strange feeling when you find out that you are pregnant. And I don’t mean whether the baby was planned or not; that is a very different issue that I am not going to tackle.

I mean when you do the test and the initial celebrations (in our case) are over. You maybe do another test a few days later; just to be sure. But, yep, you are pregnant.

Now what?

Its odd- you know that your lives are going to change forever. You know that in less than a year, your world will be turned upside down. And possibly right way up again.

But you don’t feel any different.

I didn’t feel any different within myself. There was a baby in there? Really?

Its odd, eerie and altogether strange. And you know what? I don’t think there is anything wrong with that.

Maybe it is God’s way of letting you get used to things before it all goes a bit crazy.

I didn’t feel any different.

Then the morning sickness came. And the stomach. And the stretch marks. And the tiredness.

It is such a special time.