An Overactive Brain

What a shocker that was. My brain gets too excited?! Really?! Well, after being diagnosed with epilepsy last month, that’s how I like to look at it.

There aren’t enough positive slants on this condition. Well, I haven’t found many so far- I felt beaten into submission with stats with less of the “hey, I live with this and its alright!”

Now, dont get me wrong- I know that epilepsy can be really tough for some and I do not ever want to (or even seem to be) discounting or making light of that. But I would like to say that me, personally, will strive to “crack on” with the life I had always led.

Yeah, its there and, yeah sometimes the fear of another seizure returns. But if we allowed a fear of being hit by a bus to overwhelm us, would we ever step out of the house? It would be easy to mope. It would be easy to use epilepsy as an excuse for everything. Even as an excuse to stop living and simply exist instead.

But why do that?

I have not changed. And I am blessed to have great friends around me who haven’t treated me any different either. But maybe that is because I am not different. I am still me.

I am still me.

Oh, and I am pregnant too. With epilepsy floating around in my family, I was always under the impression that having children was out for us females. Imagine my surprise when the specialist nurse told us that 0.5-1% of all pregnant ladies are epileptic. Now, that may not seem like a huge percentage but let that wash over you again.

0.5-1% of ALL pregnancies.

And the notion that¬†medication harms the baby? It only puts the chances of a baby having an abnormality up, overall, by 2%. That’s it- 2%.

Of course, the parents are the ones who have to decide whether to risk those odds- and that is a choice that will forever rest with the individuals involved- but it is certainly not the horror show I was led to believe it would be.

Well. That’s pregnancy sorted.

Im positively epileptic: and i am ok with that.