The Diary of a First Time Mum Part 3

Telling family that there is a baby on the way is interesting. Especially if you come from a family such as mine where saying silly things at important times is an inbuilt tradition. At least it explains where I get it from.

When you tell your parents they are going to be gran and grandad and your mum turns round and says “you?” it’s not exactly a magical moment. I found it really nerve racking actually. No, I found it absolutely terrifying. Who knows why!

Our pregnancy had the added challenge of trying to find two friends we wanted to tell quickly and before the news got out. Two friends who happened to be in Australia and America. But we found them! One on a break from their work in a hospital and the other just after dropping off the kids she was looking after at school. Also a nerve racking experience but we were still desperate to tell them.

I wonder why it is so scary? Am I the only one who suffered from this ridiculous anxiety?

There was the other friend who we told just after taking the test and she arrived with a baby grow the very next day. Now THAT was scary! But I also think that was on purpose. And then there was the dancing that night (dizzy baby) and the theme park ride the week before with the confident “ah we won’t be pregnant this time, it’s fine.”

Whoops.  Definitely not something I would recommend – certainly not in any later stage of pregnancy.

We live and learn, don’t we?


The Diary of a First Time Mum Part 2

Its a strange feeling when you find out that you are pregnant. And I don’t mean whether the baby was planned or not; that is a very different issue that I am not going to tackle.

I mean when you do the test and the initial celebrations (in our case) are over. You maybe do another test a few days later; just to be sure. But, yep, you are pregnant.

Now what?

Its odd- you know that your lives are going to change forever. You know that in less than a year, your world will be turned upside down. And possibly right way up again.

But you don’t feel any different.

I didn’t feel any different within myself. There was a baby in there? Really?

Its odd, eerie and altogether strange. And you know what? I don’t think there is anything wrong with that.

Maybe it is God’s way of letting you get used to things before it all goes a bit crazy.

I didn’t feel any different.

Then the morning sickness came. And the stomach. And the stretch marks. And the tiredness.

It is such a special time.

The Diary of a First Time Mum Part 1

The world isn’t completely honest about being a parent. There is plenty that they miss; plenty that they over-simplify and some that they get spot on.

Its impossible to describe the reasons for wanting a baby. There’s plenty of statements you can utter and each will be different for each person.

Perhaps it is a primitive instinct that kicks in. The need to continue the species. Perhaps there is no hiding from the maternal, no matter how much of a tomboy you were (or are). Perhaps wanting a baby is a natural extension of showing the love you have for another; the father of that child.

Maybe its because you didn’t feel love any where else, but crave the love to be found in a babies eyes. Maybe it is the only way to stoke the fire of affection of the man that you love. Maybe he will only stay because of a baby and you can’t bear to do this life without him.

Either way, when you get right down to it, you want a baby because you just do.