Joyous Jubilee?

What are your thoughts on the monarchy, I wonder? Love them? Hate them? Totally indifferent?

Whatever your thoughts, or even your politics, there is such a great atmosphere in the air, as street parties happen, as entertainment rolls on in the local square and as people seek to reach out to their neighbours. Cooking and baking is piled high on tables on the streets as more residents come out of their homes and add more to the plethora of goodies to choose from.

A local street party

People from all over get involved in community crafts as huge towers are constructed out of cardboard boxes and raised high in the square. People chat, amicably and warmly and catch up on each other’s lives; even if they saw them just that morning. Maybe for others, old friendships are rekindled or repaired as the opportunity arises to talk about everything and nothing, all at the same time.

A tower made of cardboard boxes – and it got even bigger!

Love it or hate it, the Jubilee celebrations have created something really important, and often missing from our twenty-first century lives.

Welcome to Community.


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