Old Beginnings

It may seem odd to begin a blog at the end of a year, but it seems the right thing to do. I’m looking forward to firing out some random ideas – both unhinged and unhidden – and thank anyone who cares to take a wander through my meandering thoughts. Feel free to pull up a comfy chair, take a seat by the banks of the river, climb the hills outlying (it is worth it for the view), wander into the local cafe or meet a friend by the bridge. My blog is your blog; make yourself at home.

I wish I could tell you what to expect if you choose to follow me over this future we inhabit but I am not even sure myself. I might talk sense, I might not; I might make you laugh, I might not; I might make you think, I might not; I might infuriate you, but I hope not.

And, so, to work I suppose. And the journey begins and I hope improves from this point. As I was told recently, practice sharpens the pen.

“We are but hollow vessels, washed through by history” (Etty Hillesum, June 1941)


2 thoughts on “Old Beginnings

  1. teehee,

    I feel i may follow this little world of blogging, as i do like the idea of pulling up a comfy chair on the banks of a meandering river whilst still able to call back to the local cafe to order a cool refreshing drink!


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